My Ph.D thesis is written in English and completed during my study at Copenhagen Business School, Dept. of Intercultural Communication and Management, Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility from January 2011 – October 2013.

PhD forsideThe Ph.D thesis describes how corporate social responsibility and sustainability is dealt with in the water sector seen from an international perspective.

It is published by Copenhagen Business School, and you can read it from their webpage: by following the link to the online publication.

My Ph.D was co-financed between my employer, Vand & Affald, the Scandinavian Society of Trenchless Technology, and Copenhagen Business School, with whose support – both financially and personally – I am truly very, very grateful!

PhD PIXI billede

You may also follow our special folders published by the Scandinavian Society of Trenchless Technology in Danish, Swedish and English about the No Dig – Excavation study and CO2-emission here:

I hope you will enjoy these free publications and use what ever you can from it for your sustainable practice. Only remember to quote rightfully when you use the results in the publications.

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