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I write scientific papers and books about sustainability and corporate social responsibility – also known as CSR.

My new book, SUSTAINABLE GOVERNANCE IN HYBRID ORGANIZATIONS, has just been released by GOWER for sale.

The book is 242 pages, og udkommer i Juni 2015.

Hardback: 978-1-4724-5130-9

Publisher: GOWER publishing Ltd.

Link: www.gowerpublishing.com/isbn/9781472451309

Price: £ 70.00 / US$ 199.95

Anyone ordering through the Gower website  will automatically receive a 10% discount. 

Sustainable-Governance-in-Hybrid-OrganizationsThe book is about my study of water companies seen from an international perspective, and how these hybrid organizations – quasi- or fully privatized companies – work with sustainable governance.

Water companies are highly regulated whilst working primarily for the betterment of society and on behalf of generations to come. Lauesen explains how these organizations manage to balance their triple bottom lines in order to survive financially, socially, and environmentally. The author shows in a clear and accessible way how the model of juxtaposition between non-profit and for-profit water companies can be transferred to other business spheres.

What others write about the book:

“The structures of complex organisations are changing and so must our understanding of them, particularly in the fields of governance and sustainability. This study of water businesses around the world makes a vitally important contribution to our understanding of such business and the new logics under which they operate and provides a roadmap for the future governance of such organizations.” 

David Crowther, De Montfort University, UK

“Dr Lauesen’s thought-provoking analysis … has the advantage of an author deeply knowledgeable about this subject from a practical and a professional point of view. The book provides solutions designed to be fair, ethical, trustworthy and, crucially, grounded in material practices. If implemented, these would be of immense value to our society far beyond the confines of the water industry.” 

Miriam Green, Icon College of Technology and Management, UK

“In Sustainable Governance in Hybrid Organizations Linne Lauesen provides a lucid and compelling new model of organizational governance that draws from emerging new knowledge of the virtues of transparency, stakeholder engagement and community involvement. This book is an outstanding model for sustainable governance that will be useful for students, practitioners and citizens interested in sustainable management.”

Roy Suddaby, Winspear Chair of Management at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria, Canada and Newcastle University Business School, UK


Preface; Introduction; Deciphering hybrid organizations; Sustainable governance; The logic of sustainable governance in a business context; Opportunities and barriers in managing and balancing a logic of sustainable governance; The role of stakeholder management in sustainable governance; When stakeholders are not so easy to manage; Transparency in stakeholder management through corporate texts?; What does sustainable governance mean in practice?; Evaluation of sustainable governance in the water sector; Epilogue; Appendices; References; Index.

About the author:

Dr Linne Marie Lauesen, PhD, is currently a project manager and business analyst of a water company called Vand and Affald (Water and Waste) in Denmark. She has been active in the field of CSR and sustainability for more than 10 years. She completed her PhD at Copenhagen Business School, Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility in March 14, 2014, and received a notable evaluation of her thesis: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Water Sector: How Material Practices and their Symbolic and Physical Meanings Form a Colonising Logic.

Other books on the way:

Besides, I am co-editing some other international book anthologies with professor David Crowther from De Montfort University in the UK.

In addition, I am writing a new science thriller, which will be called The Infra-terrorist, and it will be published during 2015 in Danish and hereafter in English.


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